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Finishing Strong

2 June 2010

I graduated with my MA in Theatre from Cal State Northridge on May 18th. It was a very exciting time. I won’t officially be done until I write my thesis, but since it is unknown when that will happen, I decided to walk early and celebrate my accomplishment.

This is Dr. Kim, or AJ as we call her. I spoke of her earlier. She is the head of the graduate program and she has been extremely influential and important in my life. Major inspiration. I credit her with nearly all I have become as a scholar and she has also greatly inspired me personally. I could not have gotten through grad school without her. I probably would have never started at all. Here is us at Honors Convocation. I really don’t know how I did it, but I did graduate with honors. This is very difficult for grad students, as the standards are quite high. My final GPA was 3.92. Amazing considering how hard it was for me and how much I grew as a student and scholar.

This is me with my colleague Mary and Dr. John Swain. Dr. Swain is definitely the toughest prof in the department. All of the faculty were challenging, but Swain always had the heaviest workload and had high critical standards. I learned a lot from him. He noticed my honors medallion at graduation and commented about it. That made my day. His giving me a 99 on my final term paper of my graduate career also made my day. I didn’t think he ever gave 99’s to anyone. Mary is a wonderful friend with whom I started this program 4 years ago. In fact, one reason why I really wanted to walk this semester is that many of the students walking were ones I started with, so it was especially meaningful. Mary had to do prerequisites like me (only a lot more) and specializes in children’s theatre, or TYA as we call it. She’s awesome.

There’s a lot I could say about graduation, grad school, scholarship, and my future, but I’ll save the rest for future posts…. or for re-edits later, since I seem prone to do that.