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30 May 2010

My little boy loves little Latinas. There I said it. It’s true. Maybe it’s a fascination with Dora the Explorer (whom he cannot bear to watch on TV, see a picture of, etc. because he’s too embarrassed), but the fascination has definitely extended to real live people. He enjoys playing with and socializing with little girls of his own race, but they are just people to him. Little Latinas are a totally different story. Case in point: today we were at the juice shop waiting for our order when Peer suddenly started cuddling in Andy’s arms, unwilling to show his face. As if he was sick or tired or something. He never does that. Suddenly I realized. There was a little girl to his left and another to his right. Both striking Latina princesses. It’s incredibly fun to tease him in this aspect. For a long time we had a Dora birthday card sitting around waiting to be mailed to his cousin. Every time he saw it, he would run into the other room. This eventually became a game, where he would ask to see it and then run away. Andy once asked him why he always ran away when he saw Dora and Peer responded, “Because I get so excited!”

We must come to grips with the fact that we live in a cosmopolitan society (something we like), and our child will probably not bring home a girl of his own race. I think we are being prepared for this at an early age! But until then we will definitely keep teasing him and I will cherish being the #1 woman in his life! (despite my pasty complexion)