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11 February 2012

I <3 Twitter

Does anybody else? It’s so unique among all the social media and I love how it seems to be the media of choice of intellectuals and information junkies. I’ve become very educated on many topics thanks to Twitter. And it also seems that bloggers who really have their finger on the pulse of their niche tweet a lot and offer so much more to their readers than just what they post on their blogs.

I knew I would have one of those moments eventually where it really became useful to me and here it is. As part of our efforts to bring more theatre to Downey, I was wanting to compile a reading list for myself of plays that have space, aeronautics, the great beyond, etc. as a theme or plot point. I follow a lot of dramaturgs on Twitter and they went crazy with the challenge. They were incredibly helpful and amazing. (honestly, I was surprised and ashamed at how little I knew before) So between tweets, links, and related research, here’s the list I got:

  1. Astronauts by Claudia Reilly
  2. Cosmonauts Last Message… by David Greig’s
  3. Humble Boy by Charlotte Jones
  4. Kaputnik : a comedy in one act by Frank Semerano
  5. Flight by Giron, Arthur
  6. Moving Bodies by Giron, Arthur
  7. The Blue Ball by Paul Godfrey (1995)
  8. Space by Tina Landau (1998)
  9. Galileo by Bertolt Brecht
  10. Star Messengers in the Millennium (musical) by Jillian Hanson
  11. To the Stars by Leonid Andreyev,
  12. The Starry Messenger by Justin Fleming
  13. The Astronomer’s Garden by Kevin Hood
  14. A Short History of Night by John Mighton
  15. Comet Hunter Miyagawa & Lattis (2003)
  16. Man on the Moon (musical) by John Phillips

Also, this link is a wonderful list of space/science plays compiled by a researcher whose book I own and reference often.

I think I might try to tweet this post, just to say thanks to all the wonderful dramaturgs all over the country who helped me out.

Looks like I have a lot of reading to do!

Downey Civic Theatre makes the front page… (of our local paper)

6 February 2011

Could a turnout in the triple-digits ever be considered a ‘rough start?’ That’s the subject of my blog on Downey Arts Coalition tonight.