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Hair Like Jesus Wore It, Hallelujah! I adore it!

So I’m finally blogging again and since it’s been a little while now I think I can safely say that weaning is complete… of my hair that is.

What in the world is she talking about???

Well, probably about two years ago I discovered online that there are actually people out there who don’t use shampoo.  Yesiree, it’s true.  See we all know that the skin absorbs and any toxins you put on your skin do get into the bloodstream.  Shampoo is full of toxins and I’d been feeling guilty for a while about the whole business.  So we priced out how much it would cost to buy the healthy shampoos, and oh Lordy, we could not afford it.  We buy the good stuff for our child, but kept up the toxic  shampoos for ourselves, because they’re cheap.  And all the while I kept thinking about this method I read about, the No-Poo Method.

Apparently, you don’t really need to shampoo your hair.  That’s right.  It’s all a big lie.  As it turns out we do not need Johnson & Johnson to survive!  Your scalp naturally makes oils that keep your hair healthy, and even beautiful.  But the problem is that every time we shampoo our hair, we strip it of its natural oils.  As a result, it makes more and even over-compensates.  That’s why the hair looks greasy in between washings.  It’s supply-and-demand, kind of like nursing a baby.  So the idea is that once you stop shampooing your hair, you go through an adjustment period and then your hair finds its balance and is normal again.

But I never did it, because I thought my hair would be greasy and ugly and disgusting for weeks until I got through the adjustment period.  So the idea sat there in my brain for about two years.  And then recently I just thought, what the heck, I’m gonna do it.  I wear kerchiefs nearly every day anyway, and God knows I do nothing truly important where people would judge me for my ugly hair (they’re too busy judging my parenting…lol), so I’m gonna just do it.

Here’s the method:  you still “wash” your hair, but  not with shampoo.   You put a little baking soda in a cup with water, swish, and dump it on your head.  Then scrub scrub scrub, just like you would if you were lathering.  Like teeth-brushing, it is the scrubbing that removes the dirt, not really the shampoo.  Rinse it out and soak your hair with apple cider vinegar.  This is your conditioner.  Leave it in for about 5 minutes, then rinse it out.  Don’t worry, there won’t be any smell.  It all rinses away clean.

Here’s what I didn’t expect– I thought my hair would be totally greasy for about three weeks.  It wasn’t.  It was never greasy at all, not even for a day.  The baking soda really does a good job at cleaning the hair.  Also, my hair took much longer to adjust than I expected.  It took a solid six weeks.  I had a lot of bad hair days during that time, definitely thought about throwing in the towel (pun intended).  But I tried to have patience, knowing I was still in the adjustment period.  I must withhold judgment until the end.

And now… it’s done!  I got through the adjustment period and I am truly amazed.  I haven’t shampooed my hair for over two months and I just can’t believe how shiny, soft, and clean it looks and feels.  Some days I just stare at my hair in the mirror and I can’t believe it worked.  My hair is finally weaned from shampoo! Hallelujah!  I can sing with the cast of the musical, “Hair hair hair hair hair hair!  Grow it!  Show it! Long as God can grow it my hair!”

Oh, I should probably also mention that when I announced I was going to do it, my whole family got on board.  Andy immediately started doing the method with me.  His hair took a little less time than mine to adjust.  Again, no grease.  His hair looked completely normal every day he went to work.  My 3-year-old son has lots of long curly hair and for him we are using a method called Curly Girl, where you still condition the hair.  Peer’s hair took practically no time to adjust.  It always seemed normal.  Very amazing.  It even got curlier, which I read would happen.  Actually, last weekend we shampooed his hair just for kicks because he was playing in the dirt, and I am so disappointed at his hair.  It got straighter immediately, frizzy, and just yucky.  I can’t wait for his beautiful curls to return to their new normal!



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