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Stories of Re-lactation… WOW!

15 February 2011

So I am a follower of The Leaky B@@b on facebook, which is a VERY active breastfeeding support page. (it seriously confounds me how many posts they get, plus think of all the women who read and don’t post) And they just posted this comment to their wall asking for stories of re-lactating success.  Re-lactating is notoriously difficult, so I never imagined there would be so many success stories.  Apparently there are many herbal remedies and even drugs you can take to help the process along.  Then another women posted a link to her story as well, which had previously been published in Breastfeeding Matters.  I am so impressed with these faithful and determined women.  I love hearing other people’s stories of breastfeeding– I’ve learned so much that way!



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