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Fancy Dancy, I Have a New Blog!!!

6 February 2011

Tonight Andy and I spent most of our Saturday night tweeking and polishing this new blog up here on wordpress. Did our viewing of Julie & Julia last night inspire this?  Who’s to say.  But I think it looks purty nice, what do you think?



3 Comments to “Fancy Dancy, I Have a New Blog!!!”

  1. Love your blog. I think I may inspired to write about my births as they were each so different. We will see.

  2. YAY! You totally should, Hailey. I really enjoyed hearing you tell the story of the twins’ birth! And thanks for commenting. Sorry your comment didn’t get approved right away. I’m still figuring out this wordpress system!

  3. Lana – it was great having you sit in on the Los Angeles Theatre Project’s reading of Brecht last time. As I said, I’m a very intuitive Director, and I would love to have you involved as an actress. But it is also obvious you have huge time commitments and a demanding schedule to say the least. As Director, I’ve done a huge amount of work as a Dramaturg with the actors and theatre artists. Maybe I should post some of that to our web site as I am now into at least my fourth year of serious research into Bertolt Brecht, as one of the most significant and influential international playwrights, poets, theatre artists, directors, writers of modern theatre. I’ve also spent a number of years researching Bertolt Brecht, the man, including interviewing people who knew him. Since he wrote poetry every day, his jottings, perceptions, stories, have a life of their own and bring to life a side of Brecht that is as rich, and artistic as any of his plays. So those poems, notes, songs, even short scenes, create a chronology of his life, thoughts, theorys, collaborators, politics, and practice of theatre against the backdrop of the history of the era in which he lived. so I have also collected images of Brecht throughtout his life, Germany, the Weimar Republic, the visual arts, theatre, literature, poetry, politics, music, writing, culture, influences, the rise of Hitler, Facism, Marxism, Communism, World War II, the plight of the Jews, Homosexuals, Intellectuals, Brecht’s women, his flight from Fascism, his immigration throughout Euorope and to Los Angeles, his fellow LA immigrants, the plays and poems he wrote along the way, the stories he wrote for Hollywood, why Hollywood became for him The Swamp, his appearance before the House UnAmerican Activities Comminty (HUAC), The rise and fall of Joseph McCarthy, Brecht flight from the US to Europe, his i return to East Berlin, his State Theate, The Berliner Ensemble, the success and failures of his plays and theories of theatre and acting. His influence on modern contemporary theatre, film, art, and other images into his life. In the USA his failed attempt to produce and direct The Spoon River Anthology, his work with Charles Laughton on Galileo at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles, his failure to see it on Broadway, the one story he did sell to Hollywood, that his friend Fritz Lang directed The Hangman Also Dies, and his planned work on a play in response to Samuel Beckett’s Waiting For Godot that was never completed because of his heart attack and death. His first heart attack was when he was 12. So this theatre piece has a lot of meat. I continue to share details of his life, and the pieces themselves as we progress. But maybe you would be interested in writing some pieces with me that highlight Brecht’s life for the theatre program for the audience. I am also collecting short quotations from Brecht that I would like to mount throughout the stage, theatre, lobby, etc to compliment to images, visuals, audio, songs, and other aspects of the piece that make this particular production concept an intimate multi media experience. Think about it. We are still looking for an appropriate theatre space, co producers, perhaps another theatre to co produce with us. Brecht was also influenced and performed with a German magician. So this entire project evolved in a manner in which it still is. smoke and mirrors. Hope to hear from you soon. All my love to you and yours – Alistair Hunter ps I admire your blog 🙂

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