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I Love Being a Baby-wearing Mama

30 January 2011

Here’s a pic of me and my little one enjoying time together in my new Maya Wrap ring sling. We both love the warmth, security, togetherness, and freedom that it offers us.

I took up babywearing when my first son was born in 2007, but didn’t really understand all its benefits right away. I got a Moby Wrap and tried to wear the baby for the requisite 3 hours a day, but he still spent all too much time in his swing, pack-n-play, and stroller. As time went on, babywearing became a bigger part of my life as I realized what a beautiful bond is built when your baby goes through your day with you, experiencing life as you experience it. And how much easier it makes my life!

The Moby Wrap involved quite a bit of tying, which never got easier since the baby was so rapidly growing. It was a great carrier, but with this baby I knew I’d want something that I could pop the baby into a lot quicker. So I invested in a Maya Wrap ring sling. I do notice my back getting sore a little quicker than it did in the Moby, but the ease of use is incredible. And I can still wear Leif in it for a couple of hours before I really feel like I need to take him off me.

I’m happy to say that this time around I’m doing a lot more babywearing. This is not only because it’s something I believe in and enjoy, but also because of our circumstances. A year and a half ago we moved from our small one-bedroom apartment to a huge 4-bedroom home that we share with two of our closest friends. The Wahlquist Wing is upstairs, so I’m constantly battling the upstairs-downstairs problem and it’s just easier to wear the baby around the house, especially while he’s sleeping.

Soon we will start using our Ergo carrier, which I’m really excited about. I bought a new fancy cover for it so it looks all hip and trendy now! and clean… Here’s a funny babywearing anecdote: yesterday at church I saw a dad carrying his baby in a messenger bag. No joke. A messenger bag. Do with that what you will.

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2 Comments to “I Love Being a Baby-wearing Mama”

  1. Yay, babywearing mama! I'm glad it's working out so well for you. And the sling looks beautiful!

    As for the baby in the messenger bag…hmmmm…probably not saftey approved. Hope that's not a normal habit!

    Stephanie Knol

  2. Hi Stephanie! I've since learned that the bag was specially adapted to carry a baby. But it still didn't look very safe to me. The baby was worn down low at the dad's hip-level. I'm definitely skeptical… I'll stick with my sling!

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