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Due Window Open

23 October 2010

I’m nearing the end of this pregnancy and I’m at that point where it could be tomorrow, it could be a month. Chances are, it will be somewhere between the two. I keep trying to gauge my body and remember the feelings and sensations I had at the end of my last pregnancy, but I find it hard to remember. This pregnancy is different and I should probably just rest in the uncertainty of it all. Overall feeling very good. The chiropractic treatment I’ve been getting has helped my back/rib pain and the suggestions my midwife gave me to deal with heartburn has also helped. The worst discomfort I feel is while breastfeeding my 3-year-old. We’ve put some limitations on it, but I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel yet. I’d like to try tandem nursing and see if it works for us.

Still trying to walk every day, although doing my normal route is getting harder. It’s really exhausting me. I find I’m taking the “short way” more often. Although I still tend to walk for at least half an hour or more. I bought another package at the yoga studio, which should take me through to the birth, and hopefully I’ll be motivated financially to get back there afterward as well.

Still don’t know the gender. I’m definitely taking guesses. =)

Peer is getting excited about meeting his little brother or sister. So are we. I’ve been trying to work through my fears about childbirth and being a mom of two. I’m feeling overall very confident and positive about it, though.

Andy started a new job that is back in the legitimate film industry and pays better too. Post production. A good job, but a small company, which always means some instability. We try to remember that God is our Provider. He likes it a lot so far, but hates the commute out to Santa Monica every day. So do I, since he leaves earlier and doesn’t seem to get home until about 8pm. I have to do dinner by myself with Peer. This is hard right now, but I’m hoping that once the new baby is here, I’ll at least have more energy, even though my hands will be more full.

We had a wonderful baby shower a couple weeks ago that my mom and sister hosted and we got a lot of cool stuff, including gift cards and cash which we have already completely blown on other stuff we didn’t receive as gifts. I think the only money I’ve spent has been on the Maya Wrap ring sling I desperately wanted and a few more cloth diapering supplies that I wanted new for the new baby. I had originally intended to sell our old diapers and use the money for new ones, but I haven’t gotten them all repaired yet. I may still try to sell some, but not right away. We have plenty in small and newborn sizes that I didn’t want to sell, so I feel fairly prepared for this new one. I also won a $50 gift certificate at my favorite natural parenting boutique, Belly Sprout, so I excited blew the whole thing and more on new cloth diapering supplies. By the way, my grandma is the one repairing all these old diapers for me. She won’t even let me help her. She is amazing.

I guess that is all to report for now!


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