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The Family Bed

18 October 2010

Okay, I need feedback from other families out there that have done the family bed with two kids (or more). Peer has his own room and his own bed, but he doesn’t stay in it full time yet. And soon this new baby will be here. We were going to buy a Humanity Bed for the new baby, but decided to try an Arms Reach Co-sleeper instead at first, since we could borrow it. Andy opened it up yesterday and it’s a little different than I expected. The surface that baby sleeps on does not come up to the top edge of the co-sleeper, so I question whether or not baby can see me and sense my presence at night. So I think the baby could still very easily end up right next to me in bed. The product itself is still way better than any bassinet or cradle, so we are planning to use it. But I know from experience that sometimes baby does not want to use the thing that mom & dad thought would be fine. I want to be more prepared this time than I was last time!

Peer, on the other hand could possibly sleep on Andy’s other side (he’s used to sleeping between us), but we might need to put up the bedrail, as he sometimes falls out of bed. Silly boy. (don’t worry, we keep the beds quite low and we often use pillows, even though our floors are carpeted). Another suggestion I was given was to try a mattress on the floor for Peer. A good idea, but knowing Peer, he probably will not go for that. He likes to snuggle.

The last time we had an infant in the house, we were not bedsharing (Peer didn’t join us in bed until he was about six months old, although he was always in our room), and this time we are pretty much planning on it. So I really don’t know how to do this whole bedsharing thing with an infant. I’ve known a few families that put their infant in between mom & dad, but that was always with their first kid. I’m not very comfortable with that idea, especially since we have an older child.

I want to be able to keep both of my children safe physically, both of them secure psychologically/emotionally, and if possible, allow myself to get a little sleep too. So does anyone who reads my blog have any experience with this? Speak up! I could use all the ideas shot my way that I can get!


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4 Comments to “The Family Bed”

  1. Hi Lana,
    The Humanity Family Bed looks like it is all about that close connection that comes with bed-sharing. The Arms reach looks like it is more about some level of separation. Breastfeeding would most certainly be easier with the Family Bed thing, it looks like it absorbs leaked breastmilk too.

  2. Hey Lana,
    Have you tried Kellymom.com They have great ideas on this site and a great forum!! I have one child who is now 2. She has slept with us from day one. In the beginning mostly on my chest. I was fine with that. I know I haven't been much help. But I hope you get some questions answered.

  3. Oh what a great idea. I've used kellymom for breastfeeding advice but not for bedsharing. I will check that out!

    P.S. either of you "anonymouses" care to identify yourselves. You both seem like lovely people!

  4. Oh yes, I'm Vanessa Burpo/Vasquez. I love Kellymom, It has gotten me through a lot!!! Especially first time breastfeeding. They talk about everything. Even bedsharing.

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