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3rd Trimester

Is it odd that I kind of want to carry this baby at least until my due date? Peer was born at 37 weeks, and I figure that won’t happen again. After all, lightning doesn’t strike twice. But I find myself thinking, gosh, if I make it to somewhere around mid-November, then that would give us more time to prepare for baby, push us into the holidays practically with family leave and all that, and it will be cooler. I’m probably totally jinxing myself by saying all this. I’ll be at 42 weeks and still no baby, and trying everything. I just keep praying for the strength to carry this baby until my body can do it no longer. I’ve had a pretty great pregnancy, although it has definitely been more intense than my last one. My midwife says that is because of hormones. And I know that I’m a pretty hormonal person! But I also know that the same hormones that give me nausea and heartburn now will also give me a smooth birth and a bountiful milk supply. I am very thankful that my body works so well!


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  1. I didn't mind being late one bit when I was pregnant, so no you're not weird. I loved it. May God bless you with a safe uncomplicated home birth and a beautiful healthy baby!

  2. I don't think I knew you were pregnant….I am way out of it. CONGRATS!!!!! I pray you have a safe and healthy delivery!!!

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