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Homeschooling Adventures

1 February 2013

Our schedule is changing again, which for this normally inflexible, routine-addicted mama means I’m a little emotional about it, and that this was a change that is long overdue. We ran out of money to keep sending PJ to the homeschool co-op that we were attending. I am really sad about pulling him out, and the loss of that regular community, but he has been particularly needy lately, and never seems to want me to leave him there anyway. So he’s not upset by it at all. I think we probably need more time together doing fun things that do not depend on time, schedules, or things like that. I need to build back up the trust I lost all the times I’ve dropped him off places, and we need to recoup the “us time” that we missed when I was working and directing the play. So we are quitting the co-op, and I signed him up for a couple of classes that the public charter is paying for (yay for free stuff!). Tomorrow we have a fun day planned of PE class in the morning and a playdate in the afternoon. I hope to start going back to our homeschool group park days once a week and I really want to get back into doing field trips every couple of weeks too. I am fortunate to have built up a great network of homeschooling families and like-minded moms who are a great support and sounding board when it comes to being the best mom I can be and navigating the unchartered, vast ocean that is the homeschooling experience. I think I’m getting over the mourning of our old routine and I’m excited to start this new one, looking forward to more quality time with my children, and focusing more on our life together. I love that homeschooling affords us the luxury to change our schedule and our outlook on life when what we’re doing isn’t working for us. I know the friendships we’ve made at the co-op are not coming to an end, and look forward to all the fun times ahead!


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  1. I think you’ll find it to be a blessing in disguise that the co-op money ran out! You will create so many beautiful memories being with him more, and it sounds like he’s going to LOVE it! You’ve got great stuff planned! I know co-ops are how the majority of homeschoolers are doing it now, but it’s not the only way, and kids can thrive outside of the co-op setting too! 🙂 Don’t worry about socialization… seriously. He is going to learn how to socialize in the best way by being with you all the time, and being exposed to grown-ups of all different ages, shapes, sizes and colors as he lives real life with you. It’s going to be awesome. Have fun on the journey!

    • Oh, I think you misunderstand. It wasn’t like he was going to school! He was just going to the co-op twice a week. It is a wonderful program, started by my dear friends, and I highly recommend it to anyone! Socialization is the LAST thing I worry about with Peer, he is such a social butterfly, and a total extrovert.

  2. No, I know what you meant! I have lots of friends who put their kids in co-ops! 🙂

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