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Memorial Day Musings

This Memorial Day, I am thinking of the sacrifice of not only those soldiers who paid the ultimate price on the battlefield, but also remembering those forgotten souls, the innocents– the civilians, the refugees, the victims of genocide, wartime violence, and civil unrest, for whom the uninvited, unexpected hand of death came swiftly and coldly through the strong arm of war. For they also died bravely, heroicly, often sacrificing themselves for the sake of others. Or maybe some did not– some perhaps died cowardly, not mentally or spiritually prepared to meet an untimely end, but are nonetheless missed and mourned by their loved ones. Some perhaps may have died suddenly and senselessly, without warning or fanfare to their life’s end, cut short mid-sentence. Some died young. Very, very, young. These are all the human cost, the total casualties of war. They are widespread and often immeasurable. Until the day when war is conquered and hate, enmity, strife, violence, and the lust for power have come to their ultimate end, these souls will wait for justice.  Until then, we will mourn and we will remember.



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