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Lactating, Lactation, Lactate!

Hi Everyone,

Andy was looking at whatever kind of  “stats” one looks at when it comes to a website and it seems that a lot of people click on my link when looking for stories of lactation.  Those exact words, actually. That made me realize that I probably don’t write about breastfeeding enough.  Which is odd, really, because it is such a huge part of my life.  And seeing as how the annual breastfeeding awareness month is coming up (August), I should probably stock up.

So here’s just a few random facts about me and breastfeeding:

  • My 8-month-old is still exclusively breastfeeding.  He’s not really on solids yet.  This makes my life very easy.  I really hope to skip the whole baby food stage, as it sounds laborious.  (laborious because I would definitely make my own and not buy it)
  • We follow child-led weaning in our family.  This means that the child nurses on cue, whenever he wants while he is a baby, and weans according to his own schedule.  Naturally limits can be drawn as the child becomes a toddler and takes on other boundaries in his life, but the breastfeeding relationship continues until the child “self-weans,” usually in the toddler or preschool years.
  • I fully understand that extending breastfeeding is not for everyone.  I think babies that nurse for a year are very lucky babies indeed.  Especially when you compare that to the national average.
  • I often miss the days when I only had one baby and I could sit in the rocker and nurse for hours.  I’d read a book, watch TV, etc.  Now that I have two kids, I simply don’t have that luxury.  But I have learned how to nurse in my Ergo.  That is something I could never figure out with my oldest.  It’s totally common to find me in the kitchen cooking dinner with the baby nursing in the Ergo, fast asleep.
  • I regularly attend La Leche League meetings, and have relished all I’ve learned over the years from this group.  I hope to become a leader someday.  I really love helping other women learn to breastfeed, and rejoice in their successful breastfeeding experiences.
  • Probably the greatest breastfeeding accomplishment that I DIDN’T do is night-weaning our two-year-old.  (he’s almost 4 now)  My husband did it entirely.  Because seriously, how could I possibly do it?  He sees/hears/smells me and he immediately only has one thing on his mind.  Well, Daddy broke the addiction, at least at night and all three of us were better for it.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with night-nursing.  I’m doing it again with our baby.  But there comes a time when Mommy doesn’t want to nurse at night anymore and kiddo still does.  And kiddo is obviously old enough to stop.  I put the decision off for a long time before finally biting the bullet. So we did it.  And it was definitely the right thing at the right time.  Once again breastfeeding is proven to be a family affair and not just a mom thing.  Thanks, hon.
  • yes, I love boob jokes.
  • Total Time Breastfeeding to Date: 3 years, 11 months


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